10 Reasons to choose AACORN AAC

Whether you are new to the world of assistive communication apps and devices, or you've been struggling with an AAC app or device for many years, there are a lot of good reasons to consider an alternate approach. It is a big decision, so we've boiled down the facts you need to know to help you make an educated decision.


WORD TREE Prediction

Give a young child a copy of Windows 3.1 and ask them to find some files - crazy right? Yet that's almost the challenge confronting most AAC users. By hiding words in folders and sub-folders it's not only hard to find the words, very often kids don't know what they should be looking for!

AACORN goes a long way to solving this by learning to predict what a child is wanting to say and presenting the most likely options automatically! It can do this because we monitor and record HOW they use the app and can make suggestions over time based on the frequency with which they say certain words and phrases. 

Language, not just speech.

AAC's that rely on a grid of folders layout ignore the fact that many kiddos who struggle with speech and language also have difficulty with recall and understanding meaning. AACorn works because it's branching pathway design visually shows the 'relationships' between words. Teaching language through word association at the same time as providing assistive speech is perhaps AACorn's most powerful and unique feature!

Easiest to Learn.

AACORN was the first AAC designed and built specifically for the iPad (not ported or adapted from Windows/Mac) and the difference shows. Kids immediately get how to use it and find it a LOT easier to learn. AACORN is also the only AAC app with fully narrated interactive step by step lessons. 

Everything Included!

We designed AACORN to grow wither your child, and because AACORN is native to the iPad it makes full use of ALL the powerful features built-in. Create new words, add photos, record audio, even draw pictures right from within AACORN. No Internet required, no hidden costs. 

Proven Success

In a short few years AACORN has been embraced by more than 10,000 families, SLP's and Educators. Just look at the reviews, AACORN can and does make a difference!

All Ages and Abilities

Traditional AAC's with their grid and folder interface were originally designed for adults and require a level of cognitive ability that means you often hear an AAC 'expert' say he/she is not yet 'ready' for an AAC. This is why we made AACORN - a child is never not ready we just need better more appropriate tools! :) AACorn is used by children from as young as 2years! It's never too soon to start learning language. 


We charge less, MUCH less, than any of the big guys, because we care and because we can. By pricing AACORN at around half the price of our competition we're able to help more families, it's really that simple.

Best Support

We're parents first, and to us every child matters! Should you run into issues or have questions we're always happy to do whatever it takes to address your concerns as quickly as possible. Whether it's via email support@aacorn.co or the LIVEChat built into the app, or Facebook messaging, or the aacorn user group, or phone, help is never far away! 

Apple Recommends

There's no more discerning organization when it comes to Education than Apple. So we were honored when Apple management chose AACORN for inclusion in their very exclusive collections of recommended "Special Education' and 'Accessibility' Apps that Empower!