In setting out to create aacorn we set the bar very high, asking tough questions of ourselves and the industry, that in turn led to our creating the 7 Rules of next-gen AAC software.

1. Design for children! Assistive software should be easy for kids to learn and use, and  include Instructions!

2. Enable children to communicate clearly and without delay. No more Hunting and Pecking for Words!

3. A modern solution will use an 'adaptive' layout that caters to each individual child's cognitive ability.

4. It should empower even the most severely speech-affected child to build and speak both simple AND complex sentences.

5. A child is not a robot! No more computer-generated generic ADULT voices.


6. Stick Figures are not engaging to children in an iPhone/iPad world. We can have SYMBOLS that are clearer and make it fun! 


7. An assistive app should be customisable! It should grow with the child. 


iPad-lrg 2.png