Professor Sheena Reilly

Murdoch Children's Research Institute.

Associate Director, Clinical and Public Health Research



" We are extremely excited to have been involved in the creation and testing of aacorn, an assistive communications platform that has the cognitive ability and developmental needs of each child at the heart of its design.

Typically AAC devices and software have featured a very static interface of tables and folders. aacorn does away with this approach by presenting words as they are needed, via a dynamically changing 'word tree' with branching pathways. This not only makes words easier to find, it  encourages children of all ages and abilities to expand their vocabulary, and enables them to speak both simple and complex sentences with relative ease.

Parents, health and educational professionals should be very excited by the arrival of aacorn as the first of a new wave of 'intelligent' AAC solutions that will help to unlock a child's real potential to communicate. "


Murdoch Childrens Research Institute (MCRI) is world renowned for its research into infant, child and adolescent health.  The Institute conducts research into conditions affecting children, such as speech and learning development, allergies, diabetes, and obesity, as well as finding answers to unsolved problems such as cancer and genetic conditions.  MCRI Website.

Professor Reilly has been a practising speech pathologist for over 30 years, working with children with communication problems and developmental challenges. Her research focuses on children's speech and language development, with a special interest in disorders of fluency, speech and language.



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