Smarter, Faster, Better

Aacorn is so much more than another assistive communication (AAC) app with buttons that speak when pressed!

Aacorn introduces a clean and clear system of branching pathways we call the ‘Word Tree’ that is designed to help kids also LEARN AND UNDERSTAND language! Your child makes a choice and new branches with suggestions for new words present themselves AUTOMATICALLY as your child needs them. 

This innovative design means no more ‘hunting and pecking’ for words hidden in grids or folders! No requirement to be able to read or spell! No need for a child to have an exceptional memory to find words, and no more hard to identify stick-figure word pictures or robotic voices. Aacorn is designed for pre-literate users of ALL ages and abilities to help them communicate but also to broaden their language skills. Truly the next generation! 

Meet Atlas, a beautiful three year old boy diagnosed with expressive receptive language disorder at a young age, but whose progress with learning language should reassure anyone of the value of early intervention.

aacorn signals a revolution in the way we provide AAC support to children.. The first to really capitalize on the strengths of the iPad
— Professor Sue Fletcher-Watson (University of Edinburgh)