CLICK TO READ  an in-depth hands-on by 'AAC Review'

              CLICK TO READ an in-depth hands-on by 'AAC Review'

Aacorn is so much more than another assistive communication (AAC) app.

Aacorn's innovative design goes beyond speaking words and emphasises LANGUAGE LEARNING. The unique visual ‘Word Tree’ shows the connections and relationships between words, which is critical to helping to understand meaning and develop language understanding.  Your child makes a choice and new branches with suggestions for new words present themselves AUTOMATICALLY as your child needs them. NO OTHER APP DOES THIS!

AACorn is designed for pre-literate users irrespective of age or cognitive ability. Reducing the need to  ‘hunt and peck’ for words hidden in grids or folders! No requirement to be able to read or spell! No need for a child to have an exceptional memory to find words, and no waiting till they 'are ready' for an adult AAC. The difference needs to be seen to be believed, but is best illustrated by the following videos. Four awesome young communicators after just a few days using AACorn.

aacorn signals a revolution in the way we provide AAC support to children.. The first to really capitalize on the strengths of the iPad
— Professor Sue Fletcher-Watson (University of Edinburgh)