Which AACORN is right for you?

If you've researched assistive speech options you'll know all of the better traditional AAC apps start at $299.99usd or more.. If your child/student is reading, typing and spelling but needs a speech-generating app to speak on his/her behalf. - there are many options, BUT If your child/student is a still emerging communicator who isn't reading (yet), struggles with language comprehension, gets frustrated with searching for words in folders, is younger, or uses an AAC and just isn't progressing as you'd hoped, then there's a VERY high chance that AACorn can help, and at a fraction of the cost! 

In fact many of our users came to us after months and sometimes YEARS of trying other approaches, and often almost overnight have gone on to achieve tremendous success.

But don't take our word for it - you can read their reviews right here and on the App Store. We're so confident in the difference aacorn very often can make we'd invite you to take our no risk 30 day challenge! Purchase your copy of aacorn today, and if for any reason you later decide it's just not right for your child, send us an email and we'll arrange a no fuss refund.

We think you'd be hard pressed to find a better offer. We can do this because we're serious about making a difference, and because AACORN has helped THOUSANDS of non-verbal and developmentally delayed children, teens and adults. 

So don't delay any longer, jump-start your child's communication journey today!



$149 / 40% Off. Ends Soon

  • Word Tree Speech and Language Learning
  • Core Words Recommended for Pre-literate Users (all the words that make-up 80% of speech)
  • Powerful Word Creation Tools
  • Interactive Lessons
  • Recorded Real Childrens Voices
  • Free Lifetime Support and Updates
  • Upgradable to AACORN+ anytime


$249 / 40% Off. Ends Soon
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  • Word Tree Speech and Language Learning
  • 7000 Words Choose between the popular SymbolStix or AACorn word picture sets
  • Powerful Word Creation tools
  • Interactive Lessons
  • Recorded Voices And Text to Speech Voices
  • Multiple Users
  • Free Lifetime Support and Updates

Terms and Conditions:  40% off AccessAbility Sale, is a limited time offer, available while advertised. Price as shown in the AppStore with discount already applied, limit one copy per customer. Prices quoted are in US dollars. Local prices may vary but are discounted wherever available.

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