Change the Conversation, with AACORN AAC.

As a parent or guardian of a child who is non-verbal or developmentally delayed you know that far too often they (and we as adults) struggle to use the technology intended to assist children to communicate. 

At aacorn we recognised the need for a solution designed to better meet the needs of individual children each with their own unique abilities, and so invested three years in creating aacorn AAC; a break-through research-based app for the iPad that redefines expectations for what assistive communications technology can be.

Gone are the old systems of static grids and folders that meant hunting and pecking for single words. Instead aacorn introduces a clear easy to learn user interface created for children, and a revolutionary new ‘WORD TREE’ arrangement of branching pathways that grow in response to a child’s requests. 

The difference, as shown in the following video of Atlas (age 3), is night and day! aacorn can be MUCH easier for children of all ages to learn and use, and aacorn is the first and only AAC app to also actually learn and adapt to each individual child’s communication style! This huge advance empowers users and enables us to move the definition of assistive speech technology beyond apps with 'speaking buttons', and instead deliver a real solution that also TEACHES LANGUAGE

aacorn signals a revolution in the way we provide AAC support to children.. The first to really capitalize on the strengths of the iPad
— Professor Sue Fletcher-Watson (University of Edinburgh).

AACORN has helped thousands of children and their families, and is being discovered and embraced by more and more schools and speech and language professionals daily. At the same time we are delighted to report that aacorn is also the most affordable option priced at less than ONE THIRD the cost of other AAC apps and was recently recognised by Apple for inclusion in their 'Special Education' and 'Accessibility' Collections on iTunes.

BridgingApps highly recommends Aacorn AAC app and thinks this app has great potential for kids who need an AAC app that will help with making sentences as well as communicating basic words
— Bridging Apps (Easter Seals)

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