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To celebrate the end of the school year and the tireless work of speech therapists and teachers everywhere we are offering  a very special 2 for 1 bonus for families everywhere. For a limited time purchase either of our best-selling assistive communication and language development apps and receive a second copy absolutely FREE! One copy for your child and a second to give to your childs school or therapist!


The top-rated assistive communication app for non-verbal and speech delayed children, and the first to go beyond 'buttons that speak' by introducing the revolutionary 'Word Tree' word prediction and language learning interface. 

Used by 10,000+ children, families, schools and language professionals. 

Available for iPad on iTunes and the AppStore.  As featured in Apple's 'Special Education' and 'Autism Acceptance' Collections.


The first choice for advanced users, taking everything you love about aacorn AAC and super-charging it with the addition of 7000+ new words, SymbolStix word pictures, Text to Speech Voices, and more!

Available for iPad on iTunes and the AppStore.


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* Please note: The 14day free trial offer is as shown currently in the appstore and on iTunes. At any stage during or after the trial period you may choose to purchase AACORN or opt for a low cost monthly subscription. You may also cancel at any time during the trial. More information available via the above link, on iTunes and within the aacorn app.

If you have any questions feel free to contact our support team at  or LIVEChat now.